Premier Sunday Crossword Answers March 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Seasoned seaman, slangily OLDSALT
Trees that yields a chocolate substitute CAROBS
Muckety-muck POOHBAH
Spain and Portugal, collectively IBERIA
Produce LEADTO
Start of a riddle IFYOUREINONEOF
There since birth INBORN
Zeta-theta link ETA
Longtime name in gas AMOCO
"— Three Lives" (’50s TV series) ILED
Sri Lankan language TAMIL
Light unit LUMEN
Toothpaste-endorsing org. ADA
Big and oafish APELIKE
Small Aussie parakeet BUDGIE
Variety ILK
Small, for short LIL
Ending for baron ESS
Plum lookalikes SLOES
Diner cuppa JAVA
Warms up, as leftovers REHEATS
Fighter with Fidel CHE
Neighbor of Egypt SUDAN
Retina locale EYE
Italian farewells CIAOS
Baseballer Aparicio LUIS
Clark of "Hee Haw" ROY
Original "Hee Haw" airer CBS
A fire sign LEO
Threaded fastener TNUT
Pop singer Goulding ELLIE
Gunky stuff GOO
Perm parlor SALON
Ph.D. hopeful’s test GRE
Pedal for a floor loom TREADLE
Domain AREA
11 hours before noon ONEAM
Lead-in to Magnon CRO
"I’m — loss" ATA
Bikini part BRA
Acting unthinkingly, informally ONAUTO
Cry to a good dog ATTABOY
18-wheeler RIG
"I — Say No" (show tune) CAINT
Cheese-topped chip NACHO
Help to do wrong ABET
Jiggly treat JELLO
Real heel CAD
Torino locale ITALIA
Riddle’s answer ROCKADUBAIBABY
Stop, legally DESIST
"Seinfeld" gal pal ELAINE
Will concern ESTATE
Prison boss WARDEN
Harmful flies TSETSES
Boy of Mayberry OPIE
Place for hay LOFT
"A little dab’ll —" DOYA
"Shameless" airer, briefly SHO
Aladdin’s monkey pal ABU
City in southeast Wyoming LARAMIE
Big Apple opera house THEMET
U.S. prez, militarily CINC
"Peek- —, I see you!" ABOO
Kylo — (Darth Vader’s grandson) REN
Tater Tots brand OREIDA
Sch. locale with microscopes BIOLAB
In no danger SAFE
Foe of Spinks ALI
NBA position CENTER
Rabbinical mysticism CABALA
Descendant of Esau EDOMITE
Bowling aims STRIKES
Having only daughters SONLESS
Skye of films IONE
Bad boy in "The Omen" DAMIEN
Raced in a certain sled LUGED
Big IT company UNISYS
Biblical boat ARK
Eastern rice dish PILAF
Half a fl. oz. TBS
Hilo dance HULAHULA
"Modern Family" actor EDONEILL
Sofa type DIVAN
Writer Paton ALAN
Grades K-12 ELHI
Karate relative JUDO
"Scram!" AWAY
Light units RAYS
Vegas-to-Denver dir. ENE
Tic- — -toe board TAC
Peeved state SNIT
"— Mutual Friend" OUR
Football’s Tim TEBOW
Concert itinerary detail TOURDATE
Bone: Prefix OSTE
Musical score symbol CLEF
River buildup SILT
Manage COPE
Not on time LATE
Lioness in "Born Free" ELSA
"How lovely!" OOH
ENT part EAR
Hair stiffener GEL
Singer McLachlan SARAH
Political columnist Peggy NOONAN
1954-77 defense gp. SEATO
Sister of Tito Jackson LATOYA
Hard cheese EDAM
Singer Corey HART
Not fitting UNAPT
Labor Day, e.g.: Abbr. MON
Whodunit poison stuff CYANIDE
Goes around ROTATES
One rejected OUTCAST
Seek alms BEG
Cincinnati citizens, say OHIOANS
Mexican bloom DAHLIA
Certain reed player OBOIST
Ring of the iris AREOLA
Build-it-yourself auto KITCAR
Rights group, for short ACLU
Actor Lyle or actress Nita TALBOT
Percolate BREW
Mrs. Jetson JANE
Idyllic garden EDEN
Airport waiters? CABS
Fit for the job ABLE
Hair colorers DYES
Gobbled up ATE
Lad or lass KID
Road hazard ICE
Belfry animal BAT