Premier Sunday Crossword Answers March 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Goof (up) SLIP
Gland near a kidney ADRENAL
ER skill CPR
Vocal quality TONE
On the dot PRECISE
Jai — ALAI
"… boy — girl?" ORA
"This shop sells every fruity frozen dessert flavor"? ITTAKESALLSORBETS
Ryan of films MEG
Hot peppers CHILIS
Bank charge FEE
In — (bored) ARUT
Three or four AFEW
Segway inventor Dean KAMEN
Broncos’ gp. AFC
"John Brown’s Body" poet’s wages? BENETINCOME
Mexico Mrs. SRA
Long cut SLIT
TV’s Swenson INGA
Lofty nest AERIE
Flying disc that toy spaniels love to fetch? BICHONFRISBEE
Was a blowhard BOASTED
Big name among cello virtuosos YOYOMA
Label for Elton John MCA
Bric-a- — (trinkets) BRAC
Ship’s trail WAKE
Thorough search of an Apple computer? MACBOOKPROBE
Pierre’s "here" ICI
Virile type HEMAN
Inferior to BELOW
Mixed in with AMID
Lots of sun-dried brick surrounding an empty space? MUCHADOBEABOUTNOTHING
Former Navaho foes UTES
Toy with TEASE
Massive mammal, for short RHINO
K’ung Fu- — (Confucius) TSE
Political group turns against one of its own members? PARTYBETRAYS
This, in Argentina ESTA
Dinghy pair OARS
— polloi (the masses) HOI
Some electric cars TESLAS
Early-flowering leguminous trees REDBUDS
Flemish painter being violent? RUBENSRAMPANT
Love, in Paris AMOUR
Slacken EASE
Beard, e.g. HAIR
Ming of basketball YAO
"The Zoo Story" playwright with red hair? GINGERALBEE
— Jima IWO
"— de Lune" CLAIR
Momentous time periods ERAS
Omanis, e.g. ARAB
D.C. ballplayer NAT
Milano of "Charmed" ALYSSA
Was idle SAT
Enter a sea between Siberia and Alaska? STEPINTOTHEBERING
Broke bread ATE
Years on end EONS
Put in place SITUATE
Tony winner Adams EDIE
Danson of "Dad" TED
Player’s fee ANTE
Mutinied ship of 1839 AMISTAD
Mems. of the upper house SENS
Is loyal to STICKSBY
Romeo type LOTHARIO
Closeness INTIMACY
Norman Vincent — PEALE
Big goons APES
ER figures DRS
Assert again REAFFIRM
Drawing from many styles ECLECTIC
Aswan Dam’s river NILE
Obstinate animal ASS
Astral feline LEO
Noted locale of tar pits LABREA
Alaskan language ALEUT
Singer LuPone PATTI
She’s part of the fam SIS
Early baby, informally PREEMIE
Pollen-count plant RAGWEED
15-Down, e.g. KIN
Tennis zingers ACES
’80s sitcom ALF
Highchair neckwear BIB
Atlanta-to-Charlotte dir. ENE
Racial rights gp. NAACP
Twisted and turned SNAKED
"— goes it?" HOW
Largest city of Nebraska OMAHA
Walton of Wal-Mart SAM
Chocolate treat BROWNIE
Sturdy wood OAK
Kiosk, e.g. BOOTH
Stage hams EMOTERS
Nuns’ home ABBEY
Co. honcho CEO
Hazy image BLUR
Rally yell RAH
Skip over OMIT
Boxes for recycling BINS
Ax feature EDGE
"It’s my turn" IMUP
— rug (dance) CUTA
Cake froster ICER
Helps illicitly ABETS
Approaching NEAR
Pres. before DDE HST
White — ghost ASA
GM security service ONSTAR
Clan symbol TOTEM
"— one to talk!" YOURE
Severe BAD
The lady SHE
Nile slitherer ASP
Away for an extended break ONHIATUS
Cry after catching someone in the act ISAWTHAT
Save for later LAYASIDE
"Little Birds" author ANAISNIN
Warehouse charges STORAGES
Directs fury toward RAGESAT
Dubai, e.g. EMIRATE
Gave away DONATED
Pesters BUGS
Shul head RABBI
Spend USE
Stinging flier BEE
Brazilian port city, in brief RIO
Pass by ELAPSE
Expose by blabbing RATON
"— you clever!" ARENT
The Indians, on sports tickers CLE
U-shaped instruments LYRES
Terse denial NOTI
Undercover? ABED
Viking realm SEA
Intel org. NSA
Senator Kaine TIM
Hellenic "H" ETA