Premier Sunday Crossword Answers September 3rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Simple floater RAFT
Declare ALLEGE
Declines EBBS
Harvesting yield CROP
Aruba, e.g. ISLE
Alfred E. — (magazine mascot) NEUMAN
One-player card game SOLITAIRE
Pompom or megaphone? CHEERINGAID
Fine white gypsum ALABASTER
Actor Reeves KEANU
Cain or Abel, to Adam SON
Soft, white limestone used as cat litter? KITTYCHALK
Hen product EGG
Give a casual greeting SAYHI
Cup rim LIP
Shortage of maraschinos in a busy cocktail bar? CHERRYSITUATION
It’s factual TRUTH
Cyber-giggle LOL
Dada artist ARP
Act humanly ERR
Petition PLEA
Golfer — Aoki ISAO
Sothern of the screen ANN
Roadies work on it TOUR
"This has me angry like a Prague native might be!" IMMADASCZECH
It has pores SKIN
Poker option STUD
Radio or TV spots ADS
Certain Asian capital HANOI
Spay, e.g. NEUTER
Fleur-de- — LIS
Slow-moving land reptile sitting on a recliner? TORTOISEANDTHECHAIR
Arctic seabird AUK
Balances evenly POISES
Community hangouts YMCAS
"The King of Queens" actor Patton OSWALT
Mother of Cain and Abel EVE
Greek love god EROS
— Le Pew (skunk toon) PEPE
Areas where certain salad greens are grown? CHICORYFARMS
Pet dog of Sgt. Snorkel OTTO
Mailroom container BIN
Scented powder TALC
Brain tests, in brief EEGS
"Well, how about that!" OHO
"Say what?" HUH
Walk- — (brief roles) ONS
Fervency ARDOR
Map showing southern U.S. states? THECHARTOFDIXIE
Bit of A/V equipment MIC
Arrange ORDER
Marshland FEN
Let some printed, glazed fabric fall to the floor? DROPCHINTZ
Clandestine U.S. org. CIA
Ghana’s capital ACCRA
Device used to store an electric charge CAPACITOR
Totally wild about grain husks? CHAFFCRAZED
Sitting room PARLOR
Kemo — (the Lone Ranger) SABE
How doodles are drawn IDLY
Flies, to spiders PREY
Not alluring UNSEXY
Special periods ERAS
Singer Astley RICK
Court king Arthur ASHE
Dog botherer FLEA
11th-grader, e.g., slangily TEENER
DiFranco of folk rock ANI
Part of SLR LENS
Actor Bela LUGOSI
Spring (from) EMANATE
Tom yum — (Thai soup) GAI
With 43-Down, software buyer, e.g. END
Morales of films ESAI
Door locker BOLT
Sheep’s call BLAT
Female seer SIBYL
$1,000 award, say CASHPRIZE
Poet Dove RITA
Dodger Hershiser OREL
Exec’s extra PERK
Unstated TACIT
Little ‘un RUGRAT
Model shop buy KIT
Street cart sandwiches GYROS
Vostok 1’s Gagarin YURI
Impair HARM
Be at odds CLASH
Warn with a toot HONKAT
Cause of odd weather ELNINO
Orbiter in 1957 news SPUTNIK
Apple’s Air, e.g. IPAD
Part of REO OLDS
3 R’s org. NEA
See 10-Down USER
Social skill TACT
Tubular snack cake HOHO
Molded jelly ASPIC
Wishes one could undo RUES
— Gras MARDI
Like a really easy job CUSHY
And not NOR
Expected DUE
Author Calvino ITALO
Get narrower TAPER
Rocker Brian ENO
African country LESOTHO
Very unusual OUTRE
Mao — -tung TSE
Deli sub HERO
Band blaster AMP
Fridge, old-style ICEBOX
Broccoli-like vegetable RAPINI
See or touch SENSE
Eight: Prefix OCTA
— -Pei SHAR
Untamed WILD
D-I link EFGH
Rose holder VASE
Overfill STUFF
Despite that YET
Comic Jay MOHR
Silvery fish SHAD
"My, my!" OHDEAR
Mine vehicles ORECARS
Actress Christina RICCI
Aunt’s son, informally COZ
Trinket TRIFLE
Orang’s kin CHIMP
602, to Ovid DCII
— McNally RAND
Pendant gem OPAL
Low card TREY
As sly as — AFOX
Ruler of yore CZAR
McEntire of music REBA
Fruit drinks ADES
PC’s core CPU
— Solo HAN