Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Edinburgh native SCOT
Historian’s subject PAST
Unsaid TACIT
Slow tempo LENTO
Heart, for one ORGAN
Snaky fish EEL
Mentor’s charge PROTEGE
Nutritional need PROTEIN
Set the pace LED
Beer mug STEIN
Naughty BAD
Infuriate ANGER
Nasty dog CUR
Some doors EXITS
Match part SET
March, perhaps PROTEST
Pickle holder JAR
Turn red, maybe RIPEN
Switzerland neighbor ITALY
Thai or Korean ASIAN
"Cave —" (beware of the dog) CANEM
Some votes YEAS
Stood ROSE
Exorbitant STEEP
Chair fixers CANERS
Spotted cat OCELOT
Director Burton TIM
Saucy PERT
Germany’s Merkel ANGELA
Put on, as a play STAGED
Muscularly fit TONED
Enter, with a keyboard TYPEIN
Diving bird LOON
Look-alikes RINGERS
Bender TEAR
Yank’s ally BRIT
Strangely different EXOTIC
Red shade CERISE
Perfect place UTOPIA
Selena’s music style TEJANO
Justice symbol SCALES
Aerosol output SPRAY
Ivy League school PENN
Response to "You wouldn’t!" TRYME
Pekoe and oolong TEAS
Salt TAR