Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Meadow group COWS
Kniqht’s quest GRAIL
Baldwin of TV ALEC
Nice setting FRANCE
Gambling city RENO
Came down RAINED
Hearty dinner POTROAST
Refueling breaks PITSTOPS
Spring signs ROBINS
Compete VIE
Downloadable read EBOOK
Treaty goal PEACE
Suffer AIL
Cowboys’ home DALLAS
Business with cages PETSTORE
Man at the wheel PATSAJAK
Extinguish PUTOUT
Plane part NOSE
Like some bagels ONIONY
Acceptable OKAY
Inclined LEANT
Workout count REPS
Complain CARP
Bread spread OLEO
Departed WENT
November sign SCORPIO
Lawn makeup GRASS
Singer Bonnie RAITT
TV’s Curry ANN
Drink cooler ICE
Was a pioneer LED
College groups FRATS
Sty cry OINK
Track shape OVAL
Print unit PICA
Spots SEES
Take in REAP
Theater award OBIE
Nut’s partner BOLT
Shoots well, in away PARS
Franklin’s wife ELEANOR
Eccentric DOTTY
Setting item SPOON
Goading remark TAUNT
Florida feature KEYS
Campaign pro POL
French article UNE
Aunt, in Acapulco TIA