Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Royal address SIRE
Glider wood BALSA
Cord ends PLUGS
Coral island ATOLL
Radius end ELBOW
Of the fleet NAVAL
Subside EBB
Dawn goddess EOS
Bar need ICE
Intensify DEEPEN
Black INKY
Accoutrements TRAPPINGS
Paper packs REAMS
Big and strong STRAPPING
Painter Cassatt MARY
Banks and Pyle ERNIES
"That’s it!" AHA
Metal source ORE
Jazz lover CAT
Tennis star Rafael NADAL
Get a goal SCORE
Peace goddess IRENE
Witch trial town SALEM
Shoppers’ aids CARTS
Garden areas BEDS
Alacrity SPEED
"Yeah, right!" ILLBET
Puck makeup RUBBER
Freud topic EGO
Outlaws BANS
One-time connection ATA
Affectionate LOVING
Alternative to a skirt SLACKS
Bowling site ALLEY
Popeye’s adopted son SWEEPEA
In theory ONPAPER
Ward off PARRY
How some couples live, quaintly INSIN
African expanse SAHARA
Wall Street worker TRADER
Kidman of "Lion" NICOLE
— up (prepared) GEARED
Wildly active MANIC
Goblet parts STEMS
Flamenco cries OLES
Picnic invader ANT
Truck part CAB