Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Paunch FLAB
School subject MATH
A , for one GRADE
Accepted truth AXIOM
Arrested RANIN
W. Va. neighbor PENNA
Make cryptograms ENCODE
Barracks bed COT
High cards ACES
Science study NATURE
Danson of "The Good Place" TED
Throws away SCRAPS
Dutch bloom TULIP
High-protein grain QUINOA
Wager BET
Coercion DURESS
In need of a massage SORE
Umbrella part RIB
Concert bonus ENCORE
Be of use AVAIL
Heart or spleen ORGAN
Film category GENRE
Acropolis sight RUINS
Enjoy a novel READ
Not yet up ABED
Where the Loire flows FRANCE
Pierced LANCED
Baja "Bye!" ADIOS
Atlas page MAP
Cut drastically AXE
Kevin Costner film TINCUP
Graduate’s distinction HONORS
Terrific GREAT
Partner MATE
Surround ENCLOSE
Opera song ARIA
Spigot TAP
Phoenix team SUNS
Even score TIE
Arrow holder QUIVER
Dance at the disco BOOGIE
Gofer’s job ERRAND
Prom group TEENS
Pull along DRAG
Prepare for surgery SCRUB
Nick Charles’ wife NORA
Radio’s Glass IRA
Went ahead LED