Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Rough guesses STABS
Gators’ kin CROCS
City on the Nile CAIRO
City on the Red River HANOI
Florist’s creation ARRANGEMENT
Bright beam RAY
Fresh NEW
Catch sight of SEE
Storytelling uncle REMUS
Academy attendee CADET
Swivel PIVOT
Plow pullers OXEN
Existence LIFE
Decimal fraction TENTH
Enjoy the rink SKATE
Laced with profanity SALTY
Boxing punch JAB
Big snake BOA
Balloon filler GAS
Charging in court ARRAIGNMENT
Change chemically REACT
"Divine Comedy" writer DANTE
Wise guys SAGES
Like a cliff STEEP
Surgery reminder SCAR
Movie plantation TARA
Ethereal AIRY
Lingerie buy BRA
Shakespeare work SONNET
Grind to bits CHEWUP
Lamb’s father RAM
Small bills ONES
Volcano shape CONE
Location SITE
Sparkler GEM
Signs a lease RENTS
Smooth SILKY
Guest’s bed COT
Hatchet’s kin AXE
Comfy home DEN
By way of VIA
Many a time OFT
Course peg TEE
Customs HABITS
Fans’ place STANDS
Firewood unit LOG
Baby food buys JARS
Vicinity AREA
Toot one’s own horn BRAG
Heredity unit GENE
Kitty start ANTE
Dance part STEP
Blackjack card ACE
Yoga need MAT