Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Punjabi princes RAJAHS
Movie mutt ASTA
Tilted type ITALIC
Ollie’s pal STAN
Red Cross headquarters GENEVA
Hot, in a way SEXY
Get excited PERKUP
Deep cut GASH
Plentiful AMPLE
Museum focus ART
Plays out, as a line UNREELS
Cow call MOO
Set eyes on SEE
"— Kapital" DAS
Very many UMPTEEN
Thurman of film UMA
Become narrower TAPER
Neuter SPAY
Annapolis grad ENSIGN
Take apart UNDO
Ready to strike COILED
Pucker-producing SOUR
Salad green ENDIVE
Guitar boosters AMPS
Intensify DEEPEN
Equip RIG
Had supper ATE
Painter Vermeer JAN
First Hebrew letter ALEPH
Bee abode HIVE
Battle souvenir SCAR
Take for granted ASSUME
Receipt addition TAX
Some amount of ANY
Singer Carpenter KAREN
Full range GAMUT
Kitchen come-on AROMA
Andean animal LLAMA
School paper ESSAY
Software buyers USERS
Maiden name preceder NEE
Some singers TENORS
Insinuating SNIDE
Like cupcakes ICED
Vanished GONE
Mex. neighbor USA
— de plume NOM
Gloss spot LIP
Apple eater EVE
Relaxing room DEN