Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
One or more SOME
Bar supply LIMES
Clarifying words IMEAN
Before, in Brest AVANT
River feature DELTA
Sold for RANTO
Freud topic EGO
Zig and zag MEANDER
Anger, informally DANDER
Verb for you ARE
Nevada neighbor UTAH
Slugger Williams TED
Rum-soaked cake BABA
Copied APED
Wire measure MIL
Intent look GAZE
"Dragnet" alert APB
Gosling’s dad GANDER
Libel’s counterpart SLANDER
Fuss ADO
Asian capital HANOI
Wild dog DINGO
Strike group UNION
Fills completely SATES
Range features PEAKS
Bird abode NEST
Was partisan SIDED
Last letter OMEGA
Head, in slang MELON
"Dig in!" EAT
"Tomb Raider" heroine LARA
Notorious czar IVAN
Court order MANDATE
Put in the closet STORED
Convention ID NAMETAG
Stretch of history ERA
Christen DUB
Sand traps, in golf HAZARDS
Sopwith Camel, for one BIPLANE
Neighbor of Greece ALBANIA
Farm enclosure PEN
Musical mixture MASHUP
Stretch of history AGE
Inferno chronicler DANTE
Perimeters EDGES
Cranny’s kin NOOK
Clamors DINS
McShane or McKellen IAN