Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Bridge feat SLAM
Super serves ACES
TV tryout PILOT
— out (used to the limit) MAXED
Permit ALLOW
Let out, perhaps ALTER
Coarse RAW
Convoy member RIG
Family car SEDAN
Landers and Lee ANNS
German article EIN
CEO’s deg. MBA
Brewer’s need MALT
Matters of opinion? POLLS
Peculiar ODD
Noisy grasshopper KATYDID
Old auto REO
Confederacy foe UNION
Martini garnish OLIVE
Turning point PIVOT
Cut off SEVER
Match parts SETS
Dick Tracy’s love TESS
Ship poles SPARS
Fragrant flowers LILACS
Feature of some SUVs ALLWHEELDRIVE
Cattle call MOO
Run up AMASS
Trig’s cousin CALC
Escorted by a butler, perhaps SEENIN
Like some bobsleds TWOMAN
Basest portion DREGS
Golfer Hogan BEN
Fix text EDIT
With skill ABLY
Guiding maxims MOTTOS
Concluding work MOPUP
Beautiful boy ADONIS
Bad review PAN
Colanders’ kin SIEVES
Superman’s adoptive family KENTS
Active folks DOERS
Bender TOOT
Rent out LET