Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers April 22nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Film editing transition WIPE
Small nail BRAD
Big boat LINER
Solemn ceremonies RITES
Loser to Dwight ADLAI
Paragon IDEAL
Shortages DEARTHS
Imitating ALA
Yale rooter ELI
Gains in abundance RAKESIN
New South Wales port SYDNEY
Minimal money CENT
April 22 honoree EARTH
Stadium group FANS
Laundry worker IRONER
Series unit EPISODE
Summer by the Seine ETE
Stroller user TOT
Warm areas HEARTHS
Quarterback John ELWAY
Coup — DETAT
Snail trail SLIME
Some tourneys OPENS
Singer Redding OTIS
Network junction NODE
To a great extent WIDELY
Like marquetry INLAID
Dessert fruit PEAR
Sudan neighbor ERITREA
Invigorating BRISK
Relieve RID
Comfortable ATEASE
Give a hand to DEALIN
Stows cargo LADES
Harvest festival event HAYRIDE
Canyon sound ECHO
Capone’s foe NESS
Fancy parties FETES
Brother of Artemis APOLLO
Numbskull NITWIT
Pulled in NETTED
Odorless gas ETHANE
Takes it easy RESTS
"I almost forgot …" OHYES
Car takeback, for short REPO
Paris pal AMI