Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers August 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Rotten kid BRAT
Church areas APSES
Accept eagerly LAPUP
Intended MEANT
Wise words ADAGE
Devilfish MANTA
Polite address SIR
Weightlifter’s helper SPOTTER
Stagger TOTTER
Common verb ARE
Molecule part ATOM
Nourished FED
Singer Coolidge RITA
Had obligations OWED
Fire CAN
Fill completely SATE
Leaf lifter ANT
Noted Hogwarts student POTTER
Cabal member PLOTTER
In the style of ALA
Math comparison RATIO
Painter Max ERNST
Switzerland neighbor ITALY
Wandering calf DOGIE
Troubles WOES
Big party BLAST
Ham’s need RADIO
Set off APART
Harbor boat TUG
Clip contents AMMO
Natural fuel PEAT
Southwestern capital SANTAFE
Was rude, in a way STARED
Old Spanish money PESETAS
Debate side PRO
Skin art, for short TAT
Was behind schedule RANLATE
All told INTOTAL
Soggy WET
Short pants CAPRIS
Galoot APE
Passionate dance TANGO
Commercial cow ELSIE
Assesses RATES
Cash drawer TILL
Stocking stuffers TOYS
Quarrel ROW