Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers August 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Weary word ALAS
Spill the beans BLAB
Arrives COMES
Bit of gossip RUMOR
Online message TWEET
Tony winner Worth IRENE
Slippery one EEL
Irritates RANKLES
Chauffeur’s work DRIVING
Hot blood IRE
Peter, Paul or Mary SAINT
Immense VAST
Do a checkout chore BAG
Garden visitor BEE
Occupy FILL
Hip-hop headgear DORAG
Previously AGO
City on the Ganges BENARES
Coming down in flakes SNOWING
Question of method HOW
Oven feature TIMER
Midwest airport OHARE
Squad leader SARGE
Blunders ERRS
Dance move STEP
Did something ACTED
Women’s rights pioneer AMELIABLOOMER
Spot SEE
Wait to pounce LURK
Disappearance of 1937 AMELIAEARHART
Blunders BONERS
Kite part STRING
Stopwatch button RESET
Aardvark’s snack ANT
Small bottle VIAL
Miles of film VERA
Beatniks beat them BONGOS
Forgoes food FASTS
Set afire IGNITE
Cozy retreat DEN
Elroy’s dad GEORGE
Flock makeup BIRDS
Chimney cleaner SWEEP
Put on WEAR
Holds HAS