Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers August 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Said with a twang NASAL
Wound reminder SCAR
Steer clear of ELUDE
Welcoming HOMEY
Yucca’s kin AGAVE
Morse E DOT
Camera type SLR
Brewed beverage TEA
House painters’ aids STEPLADDERS
Gloss target LIP
Eject OUST
Showed interest SATUP
Makes healthy CURES
Molecule part ATOM
Drinking spree JAG
New additions to the family, sometimes STEPFATHERS
Immoral act SIN
Roadhouse INN
Back muscle, for short LAT
Online messages EMAIL
Justice Samuel ALITO
Paris river SEINE
Piper of rhyme PETER
Blinds piece SLAT
Run-down SEEDY
Must have NEEDS
Parcel out ALLOT
Deluxe hotel room SUITE
Commotion ADO
Say inadvertently LETSLIP
Pottery piece SHARD
Machinery part COG
Overturn REVERSE
Baker’s supplies YEASTS
Pet perch LAP
Chubby PLUMP
Potential bread DOUGH
Talks back SASSES
Now and then ATTIMES
Pedicure target TOENAIL
Brief rests CATNAPS
Painter Vermeer JAN
Steak cut FILET
Chosen few ELITE
Assessed RATED
"— pig’s eye!" INA
Director Spike LEE