Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers August 23rd 2017

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Clue Solution
Skilled DEFT
Chair wheel CASTER
Wheel bar AXLE
On the go ACTIVE
Reach across SPAN
Stretched to see CRANED
Very popular HOT
Sailor’s call AHOY
Government income TAXES
"The X-Files" org. FBI
"Skyfall" singer ADELE
Light lunch SALAD
Singer Turner TINA
Boxer La Motta JAKE
Signs of the future OMENS
Can’t stand HATES
Last letter, in London ZED
Milk buy QUART
Warbled SUNG
Subside EBB
Domingo song ARIA
Blazing ONFIRE
Polite fellow GENT
Touched lightly PATTED
Bookie’s concern ODDS
Morse T DASH
Trade show EXPO
Kayo count TEN
Secret supply CACHE
Unlike this answer ACROSS
Order to Spot STAY
Pewter component TIN
Raiser of Cain EVE
Stop signal RED
Woodsman’s need AXE
Astronaut Shepard ALAN
Laid it on thick FLATTERED
Make brownies BAKE
Midmonth day IDES
Whole range ATOZ
Thin coin DIME
Open a bit AJAR
Cube face SQUARE
Crone HAG
Single UNWED
Revue piece SKIT
Tough spot BIND
Cave creatures BATS
Jazz style BOP
Genetic messenger RNA
Many a time OFT
In the past AGO