Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers August 2nd 2017

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Clue Solution
Not barefoot SHOD
Shaker stuff SALT
Jeweler’s unit CARAT
Scuffle MELEE
Texas landmark ALAMO
Stylist’s place SALON
Guitarist Wood RON
Coloring PIGMENT
USO audience GIS
Tries to find SEEKS
Flowed into FED
— Arabia SAUDI
Spying org. CIA
Parliament members LORDS
Cargo unit TON
Bit of imagination FIGMENT
Mayo buy JAR
Not napping AWAKE
Works hard TOILS
Specified GIVEN
Cuts off ENDS
Blast of wind GUST
Battle mementos SCARS
Luminous rings HALOES
Juice choice ORANGE
Flow stopper DAM
Pants line SEAM
Russia’s Brezhnev LEONID
Scout shelters TENTS
City on the Kansas River TOPEKA
High-ranking NCO MSGT
Pancreas product INSULIN
Butte’s kin MESA
Unyielding FIRM
Clipped item COUPON
Bergman of "Gaslight" INGRID
Familiar feeling DEJAVU
Asps and adders SNAKES
Refinement TASTE
Club costs FEES
Politician Lott TRENT
"Alice" diner MELS
Fake locks WIG