Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers August 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Esau’s twin JACOB
Tuned in AWARE
Flat form LEASE
Poet’s concern METER
Barista’s creation LATTE
Attack command SIC
Looked quickly GLANCED
"That’s gross!" UGH
Utter SAY
"You there!" HEY
Rocker Collins PHIL
Casual fabric DENIM
"There’s — in team" NOI
Racket DIN
Extreme pain AGONY
Like some cheese AGED
Masseur’s place SPA
Shoe hue TAN
Boxing great ALI
Oater fellow COWPOKE
Scathing review PAN
Once more AGAIN
McCain’s running mate PALIN
Dike’s kin LEVEE
Unaided ALONE
Title documents DEEDS
In a while LATER
Becomes clogged JAMSUP
"Anchors —" AWEIGH
Surfer’s activity CATCHINGAWAVE
Smelter supply ORE
Ice chunks BERGS
Penn of "Milk" SEAN
Conspirator’s activity HATCHINGAPLOT
High regard ESTEEM
Young fellow LAD
Old card game LOO
Long of "Soul Food" NIA
Orbit point APOGEE
Shaggy ox YAK
Galahad’s mother ELAINE
Evening meal DINNER
Burn with water SCALD
Sherpa’s home NEPAL
Multicolored PIED
Imitating ALA