Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers August 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Treaty PACT
Like the desert ARID
Cavalry sword SABER
Of the kidneys RENAL
Madrid museum PRADO
African nation CONGO
Ritzy home ESTATE
In the past AGO
Lusty look LEER
Like lava MOLTEN
"Acid" LSD
Dueling sword RAPIER
Had a feast DINED
Baking need PIEPAN
USO audience GIS
Shakespeare poem SONNET
Finished DONE
Shade tree ELM
Consider the same EQUATE
Assert CLAIM
Beneath UNDER
Aquarium fish TETRA
Clickable pictures ICONS
Must have NEED
Circus structure TENT
Examines sentences PARSES
Decreased in force ABATED
Fragrant wood CEDAR
Easy gait TROT
Rainbow shape ARC
Old auto REO
Deep-seated INNATE
Macbeth prop DAGGER
Compete in a bee SPELL
Diving bird LOON
Come forth EMANATE
Store sign OPEN
Topper LID
Fully developed RIPE
Bear abode DEN
Common allergen POLLEN
Concentrating INTENT
Clairvoyants SEERS
Church group SECT
Thickhead DUNCE
Throw in the towel QUIT
Rage IRE
Enraged MAD