Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers August 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Highland lakes LOCHS
Deserve MERIT
German sub UBOAT
Dwelling ABODE
Alley roller BOWLINGBALL
Twisty fish EEL
Team backer FAN
Singer Tillis MEL
Photo holder ALBUM
Poem part VERSE
Tourist stop MOTEL
In a frenzy AMOK
Volcanic flow LAVA
Fixed the piano TUNED
Uncovered BARED
Less foolish WISER
Fool ASS
Jazz job GIG
Chips buy BAG
Noted Sioux chief SITTINGBULL
Knucklehead IDIOT
Came up AROSE
Forest flora FERNS
Synthetic fabric RAYON
Service station job LUBE
Bassoon’s cousin OBOE
Monk’s hood COWL
Holbrook of "The Firm" HAL
Suppress STIFLE
Champagne bottle MAGNUM
Diminish EBB
Wander ROAM
Not active IDLE
Relate TELL
Arrest NAB
Crooked ASKEW
Grinding tooth MOLAR
Dyeing tub VAT
Aussie bird EMU
Baseball’s Cey RON
Road gunk TAR
Forbidden fruit taster EVE
Young fellow LAD
Number makeup DIGITS
Handout seeker BEGGAR
Church topic SIN
"Like that’ll happen!" ASIF
Partisan group SIDE
Commotion STIR
Channel marker BUOY
Not to mention ALSO
Secluded valley GLEN
Great weight TON
Lingerie buy BRA