Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers August 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Playground fixtures SWINGS
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Reception aid AERIAL
Hoe target WEED
Crude shed LEANTO
Surrounded by AMID
Lakeside rental JETSKI
Mystery writer Woods SARA
Edible tubes PENNE
Have debts OWE
Tabloid topic SCANDAL
Court concern LAW
Sandy color TAN
Wedding words IDO
Catch some z’s NAP
Madrid mister SENOR
Lusty look OGLE
Jon’s "Midnight Cowboy" co-star DUSTIN
Big gulp SWIG
Tolerates ABIDES
Top-notch AONE
Beagles and bassets DOGS
Unfaltering STEADY
Pitcher Maglie SAL
Miniature WEE
Radio’s Glass IRA
Asian assassin NINJA
Airport area GATE
Mailbox part SLOT
Come to AWAKEN
Doing a memo’s job REMINDING
Waikiki souvenir LEI
Peculiar ODD
Stretches over SPANS
Recital highlights SOLOS
Tuned in AWARE
Doing a tape chore REWINDING
Tennis star Rafael NADAL
Skip a ceremony ELOPE
Mixes up STIRS
Soup buy CAN
Overcharges GOUGES
Kept in reserve ONICE
Salts TARS
"Yeah, right!" IBET
Mournful SAD
Court WOO
Narc’s org. DEA
Stop END
Sow site STY