Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Maid’s target DUST
Frighten SCARE
Vision-related OPTIC
Finishes last LOSES
Blackout aids FLASHLIGHTS
Gift tag word FOR
Target AIM
Aunt, in Acapulco TIA
Bank activity SAVING
Thatcher, for one TORY
Judi of "Iris" DENCH
Wallet bills ONES
Very beginning GETGO
Roman censor CATO
Assesses RATES
Get — the crack of dawn UPAT
More pale ASHIER
Visibility lessener FOG
Feel queasy AIL
"My word!" GEE
Night game needs FLOODLIGHTS
Church contribution TITHE
Shows fondness DOTES
Russian refusal NYET
Tips, as a hat DOFFS
Digital transfer UPLOAD
Go hungry STARVE
"— the season …" TIS
Slender SLIM
Gear part COG
TV’s Kutcher ASHTON
Stop working RETIRE
School papers ESSAYS
Probability CHANCE
Urban transport LIGHTRAIL
Silver bar INGOT
Gear part TOOTH
Like old streets GASLIT
Like a jail-bound perp CUFFED
Twin of Artemis APOLLO
Catch stealing TAGOUT
Fourscore EIGHTY
Be quietly furious SEETHE
Bowler’s button RESET
Fruit drinks ADES
Poem of praise ODE
Gimlet base GIN