Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 4th 2017

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Clue Solution
Brooch part CLASP
Aspiration HOPE
Bit of gossip RUMOR
Clumsy INEPT
Bring together UNITE
Sacred scroll TORAH
Periodical, for short MAG
Sleuth Spade SAM
Color HUE
They’re stepped on to stop BRAKEPEDALS
Count start ONE
Fencing sword EPEE
Isolated APART
Survives LASTS
Spice from nutmeg MACE
— Aviv TEL
Parking place LOT
Silent assent NOD
Chinese zodiac animal RAT
Wed in secret ELOPE
Honshu city OSAKA
Zellweger of "Chicago" RENEE
Laser printer part FUSER
Bears’ lairs DENS
Nourishes FEEDS
Cookie bit CRUMB
Moon-based LUNAR
Female friend, to Fernando AMIGA
Toper SOT
Blackjack call HITME
Music’s Yoko ONO
Shoulder ornament EPAULET
Doctoral papers THESES
Gorilla, for one APE
Asian peninsula KOREA
Gave out hands DEALT
Writer Eric AMBLER
Out, in a way PAROLED
Solvent ingredient ACETONE
Binary base TWO
Leg joints KNEES
Make blank ERASE
Did yard work RAKED
Flag features STARS
Signing need PEN
Take to court SUE