Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Receive eagerly LAPUP
Thrifty person SAVER
Pol’s concern IMAGE
Higher than ABOVE
French article UNE
Gaul invader HUN
Make mistakes ERR
Audio download PODCAST
Doctor’s charge FEE
Tell tales LIE
Red-ink amount LOSS
Indian lute SITAR
Cavalry stations FORTS
Deuce topper TREY
London weather FOG
Long time EON
From abroad FOREIGN
Purpose END
Grog base RUM
"The Matrix" hero NEO
Bert’s buddy ERNIE
Lead to CAUSE
Takes ten RESTS
Pays to play ANTES
Became cheerful LITUP
Acid type AMINO
Summoned to the phone PAGED
"That’s gross!" UGH
Common allergen PETHAIR
Virtuous one SAINT
Crunch targets ABS
Select on a ballot VOTEFOR
Neighbor of K2 EVEREST
Set right REDRESS
Join together FUSE
Potter’s stuff CLAY
Theater box LOGE
Pittsburgh pro STEELER
Smelter input IRONORE
Muscle connectors TENDONS
Countertop material FORMICA
Ref’s call FOUL
Sets loose FREES
Advice INPUT
Gaggle group GEESE
Network points NODES
Command to Spot SIT
Skillet PAN