Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Parasol offering SHADE
Prudish person PRIG
Garden aids HOSES
Glider, e.g. PLANE
Building topper ROOFS
Barista’s creation LATTE
Borderline IFFY
Boutique patrons BUYERS
Fellows MEN
Furnish with weapons ARM
Stag’s mate DOE
Stretch out PROTRACT
Big gulp SWIG
Bumblers OAFS
Signed agreement CONTRACT
Sauna site SPA
Greek consonants NUS
Glass container JAR
Mr. Munster HERMAN
Mrs. Munster LILY
"Ta-ta!" ADIEU
Trio of myth FATES
Bang-up GREAT
Before, in Paris AVANT
Auction cry SOLD
Army sites BASES
Seafood staple SHRIMP
Dancers, in slang HOOFERS
Currently ASOFNOW
Stand up to DEFY
Twisty turn ESS
DVR button PLAY
Appraised RATED
Prologue INTRO
Honking birds GEESE
Hybrid fruits PLUMCOTS
Lingerie buy BRA
Follower of Jason ARGONAUT
Nervous habit TIC
Road gunk TAR
Sizzling dish FAJITAS
Triangle type SCALENE
Convent resident NUN
Secret meetings TRYSTS
Some carpets SHAGS
Director Almodóvar PEDRO
"The Tempest" sprite ARIEL
Honeyed drink MEAD
Kilauea flow LAVA
Like the Beatles FAB