Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Significant MAJOR
Coffee bar order DECAF
Chicago hub OHARE
Striped rock AGATE
Sir’s counterpart MADAM
November birthstone TOPAZ
Skips a ceremony ELOPES
Energy PEP
Failure DUD
Farm father RAM
Friendly nations ALLIES
Swaying dance HULA
Site in the news in 1941 PEARLHARBOR
Visitor to Siam ANNA
Harmonious INSYNC
Back muscle LAT
Final part END
Earthy prefix GEO
Montreal university MCGILL
Deep pink CORAL
Paper buys REAMS
Bakery output AROMA
Principle TENET
Mean-spirited NASTY
May honoree MOM
"So that’s it!" AHA
Popular houseplant JADEPLANT
Vaccine type ORAL
Work on a room REMODEL
Out of style DATED
They may clash EGOS
Upper limit CAP
— glance ATA
Conical topper FEZ
Promoting PUSHING
Vatican-based PAPAL
Kagan of the Supreme Court ELENA
Red dishware material RUBYGLASS
Unaided ALONE
Senator Rubio MARCO
Nest egg acct. IRA
Day pts. HRS
Fireplace sight ANDIRON
Showy display ECLAT
Jerry Herman musical MAME
Dunham of "Girls" LENA
Lynx or lion CAT
Bonanza stuff ORE
Harry’s friend RON
Ran into MET
Sow site STY