Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Sign of sorrow TEARS
Verboten TABOO
Parcel out ALLOT
Deal maker AGENT
Shoe part UPPER
Sacred song MOTET
Cheering cry RAH
Rink material ICE
Stunned wonder AWE
Mex. neighbor USA
Flop DUD
Birdie beater PAR
Field game SOCCER
Puts down LAYS
Some time back EARLIER
Theater award TONY
Hams it up EMOTES
Dull existence RUT
Radius setting ARM
"— had it!" IVE
Simile center ASA
Employ USE
Debate side CON
Road reversal UTURN
Carter and Gwyn NELLS
Deserve MERIT
Canyon of comics STEVE
Baja "Bye!" ADIOS
Alleviates EASES
Spring sign TAURUS
Border city ELPASO
Third-brightest star ALPHACENTAURI
Eurasian deer ROE
Alias of Tolkien’s Aragorn STRIDER
Broken TAMED
In the past AGO
Some electrons BETAPARTICLES
Words on an arrow ONEWAY
Weasels’ cousins OTTERS
Hairdresser’s items CURLERS
Low island CAY
Summer sign LEO
Enormous IMMENSE
Emotional wound TRAUMA
Gave the boot OUSTED
Change gradually EVOLVE
Detects SENSES
Mom’s sisters AUNTS
Carnival city RIO
Greek letter ETA