Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers February 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Slanted type ITALIC
Mexican peninsula BAJA
1998 Winter Olympics site NAGANO
Milky stone OPAL
Japanese shrubs with white blooms SNOWFLOWERS
Olympics award MEDAL
Ship pole SPAR
Hardens SETS
Portent OMEN
The Dog Star SIRIUS
Young one KID
Twice uno DOS
Lingerie item BRA
Shake accessories STRAWS
Incline TILT
Sharpen HONE
Slate-colored GRAY
Like some questions YESNO
Winter sidewalk clearers SNOWBLOWERS
Corn Belt state IOWA
Pilot Earhart AMELIA
Victim PREY
Lemon color YELLOW
They hold power INS
Sandy color TAN
Before today AGO
Sheriff, for one LAWMAN
Surmise INFER
Shivering COLD
Lane user BOWLER
Clumsy fellow APE
Pickle buy JAR
Green and Gore ALS
Caravan stop OASIS
Forge worker SMITH
Director Almodóvar PEDRO
Leg bone TIBIA
Bad-tempered SURLY
Approves OKS
Sinking call SOS
Plopped down SAT
Nerdy guy DWEEB
Nevertheless ANYWAY
Mason’s tool TROWEL
Ageless dwarf GNOME
Do in SLAY
Tentative taste SIP
Negative link NOR
Have obligations OWE
Building wing ELL
Carnival city RIO
Shop tool SAW