Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers February 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
River of Russia URAL
Launder WASH
Ear parts LOBES
Gymnast Rigby CATHY
Insertion mark CARET
Like draft beer ONTAP
Memorable period ERA
Dangerous algal bloom REDTIDE
Merlot, for one REDWINE
Scepter ROD
Title documents DEEDS
Lawn coating DEW
Low card DEUCE
Argon or xenon GAS
Flat floaters RAFTS
Okra unit POD
Bureaucratic hassle REDTAPE
Token of love REDROSE
Brick carrier HOD
Hackneyed TRITE
Colander’s kin SIEVE
Squelched SATON
Finishes ENDS
Metal boxes TINS
Stomach woe ULCER
Laughed loudly ROARED
Rub the wrong way ABRADE
Rebel general LEE
Long for WANT
Sundial reading SHADOW
Promoted HYPED
Long step STRIDE
Program lines CODE
Guarantees ENSURES
Ties the knot WEDS
Skilled DEFT
Academy attendees CADETS
Confused ADDLED
Where Gauguin painted TAHITI
Exact, to Brits SPOTON
Use a crowbar PRISE
Learning method ROTE
Perfect places EDENS
Informer RAT