Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers February 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Moolah CASH
Polite CIVIL
Nick’s dog ASTA
Some stories LIES
"Nashville" director ALTMAN
Threaded fastener CAPSCREW
Makeshift writing surface LAPBOARD
Changes ALTERS
Put down LAY
River crossings FORDS
"The Kiss" sculptor RODIN
Imitating ALA
Century division DECADE
Listing of priors RAPSHEET
Emulate Mr. Bojangles TAPDANCE
Orchestra member OBOIST
Target GOAL
Fortune WEALTH
Spheres ORBS
Well-dressed NATTY
"Apollo 13" org. NASA
Trig’s cousin CALC
Indian’s home ASIA
Choreography bit STEP
Gave a hard time HASSLED
Writer Carr CALEB
Bisected INTWO
Energy VIM
— tizzy INA
Author Deighton LEN
Complains CARPS
Jam ingredients? CARS
"M*A*S*H" actor ALDA
Invasion RAID
Force unit DYNE
Miles off AFAR
"Damn Yankees" role LOLA
Catch TRAP
Bassoon part REED
Stop sign, e.g. OCTAGON
High-stepping aid STILT
Nick’s wife NORA
City autos CABS
"Born Free" lion ELSA
Possess OWN
Arthur of TV BEA