Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers July 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Exec’s note MEMO
Billiards shot CAROM
Convenes MEETS
Soap Box Derby setting AKRON
Sun Valley’s state IDAHO
In front LEADING
Frying need PAN
Tipsy LIT
Furniture trim BEADING
Avoid bed STAYUP
Addition column ONES
Famed fur tycoon ASTOR
"Moonstruck" star CHER
Andress of "Dr. No" URSULA
Direction HEADING
Writer Anaïs NIN
Start of the MGM motto ARS
Pennsylvania city READING
— Dame NOTRE
Evenings, in ads NITES
Attach, in a way TIEON
Static INERT
Canadian native CREE
Atlantic catches CODS
Succeed MAKEIT
Book booboos ERRATA
General feeling MOOD
Volume of reprints OMNIBUS
Friendly señorita AMIGA
Flower plot BED
"— lizards!" LEAPIN
Fuel gas ETHANE
Doesn’t raise CALLS
Ditties SONGS
Triton orbits it NEPTUNE
Bombshell Diana DORS
Croquet setting YARD
Like some produce ORGANIC
Monk’s music CHANT
Gallant HEROIC
Lent ender EASTER
In agreement UNITED
Cruise ships LINERS
Uneasy feeling ANGST
Worth of acting IRENE
Bedrock pet DINO
Lobster eggs ROE