Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers June 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Massage target ACHE
Unruly crowds MOBS
Flock members SHEEP
Make suitable ADAPT
Nametag word HELLO
Nouveau — RICHE
Put away EAT
Rodin work THINKER
Genus subdivision SPECIES
Auditor’s org. IRS
Acrylic fiber ORLON
Patella’s place KNEE
Nearest star SUN
Dripping WET
Bogus FAKE
Weary sounds SIGHS
Big galoot APE
Tourney favorite TOPSEED
Come together COLLIDE
Dos preceder UNO
Singer John ELTON
Big name in racing UNSER
Was out SLEPT
"My Cousin Vinny" star PESCI
Valuable rocks ORES
Important times ERAS
Grate fill ASHES
Low-quality CHEAPO
1968 Beatles song HELTERSKELTER
Sushi choice EEL
Slugger Roger MARIS
Valhalla VIP ODIN
1968 Beatles song BACKINTHEUSSR
Bubble shape SPHERE
Wizard’s concoction POTION
Far from wordy TERSE
Rooster’s mate HEN
This is one CLUE
Frat party sights KEGS
Use a sponge on WIPEUP
Watch parts FACES
God of light APOLLO
Lawn starter SOD
New York tribe SENECA
Colors TINTS
Day in Hollywood DORIS
Easy run LOPE
Formerly known as NEE