Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers June 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Forked over PAID
Tavern order BEER
Terra — COTTA
Patriot Ethan ALLEN
Parcel out ALLOT
"Camelot" composer LOEWE
Pitches to the noggin BEANERS
Promise VOW
— Palmas LAS
Some Quidditch players BEATERS
Crowd scene group EXTRAS
Black INKY
Figure skater Dmitriev ARTUR
Guinness of film ALEC
Like a short play ONEACT
Lab containers BEAKERS
West of Hollywood MAE
Qty. AMT
Oregon State team BEAVERS
Lawyer’s workload CASES
Parking pro VALET
Coach Rockne KNUTE
Ohio tribe ERIES
Reach across SPAN
Textile worker DYER
Medieval weapon POLEAX
Finally ATLAST
"Bring —!" (fighting words) ITON
Newton cousin DATEBAR
Light wood BALSA
"Xanadu" band ELO
Craps roll ELEVEN
Overhaul REWORK
Elevator lifter CABLE
Informative NEWSY
Make good as new RESTORE
Bike part TIRE
Pool tool RACK
Losable, as data UNSAVED
By surprise ABACK
Auto race site LEMANS
Relishes EATSUP
Audrey Tautou film AMELIE
Line of work CAREER
Battery makeup TESTS
Buddy of "Barnaby Jones" EBSEN
Differ VARY
Seventh letter ETA