Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers June 19th 2017

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Clue Solution
Real bargain STEAL
Gambler’s concern ODDS
Maze wall, at times HEDGE
Is patient WAITS
German steel city ESSEN
Silver bar INGOT
Hoppy brew ALE
Wallet bill TEN
Writer Levin IRA
Antique OLD
Book unit PAGE
Draws close to NEARS
Strong winds GALES
Wheel bar AXLE
Fizz ingredient GIN
1974 Earth, Wind and Fire song SHININGSTAR
Truck part CAB
Used a spade DUG
In the style of ALA
Texas landmark ALAMO
Defy authority REBEL
Put up ERECT
Hangs low SAGS
Challenges DARES
Bundle of papers SHEAF
Physicist Nikola TESLA
Bygone car EDSEL
Maturity AGE
Soup veggies LENTILS
Having debts OWING
Football’s Marino DAN
Like some watches DIGITAL
Closet use STORAGE
Rude looks STARES
Finish END
Filmdom’s Sophia LOREN
Stretches over SPANS
Sprint Cup awarder NASCAR
Breathes out EXHALES
"Open Sesame" sayer ALIBABA
Laughed coyly GIGGLED
African grazer GNU
Pop stars IDOLS
Tea party guest ALICE
Tirades RANTS
Ryan of "Top Gun" MEG
Important time ERA