Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers March 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
One in dreadlocks RASTA
Low singer BASSO
Impromptu ADHOC
Theater worker USHER
Sculptor Henry MOORE
Go piece STONE
Eject OUST
Tire tracks RUTS
Funny folks WITS
Forget OMIT
Parisian pal AMI
Comfort food source DINER
Japanese fencing KENDO
Personalize, in a way ENGRAVE
Empty talk GAS
Act sulky MOPE
Clip contents AMMO
Decree FIAT
Casserole staple TUNA
When Ophelia drowns ACTIV
Glossy fabric SATIN
Kaaba setting MECCA
Small-scale MICRO
Patriot Allen ETHAN
Flock father RAM
Hubbub ADO
Marksman’s competition SHOOTINGMATCH
Bagel’s shape TORUS
Good pair ACES
Tour carrier BUS
Sitting on, as a horse ASTRIDE
Dispatched SENT
Valuable rocks ORES
Additionally TOO
Walk in water WADE
Poker declaration IMIN
Produce MAKE
Fairway sight TRAP
Dutch cheese EDAM
Hot stuff EROTICA
Dog doc VET
Writer Nin ANAIS
Renown FAME
"Cold as Ever" rapper ICET
West Point: Abbr. USMA
Big truck VAN
Wrath IRE
Sine qua — NON