Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers March 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Frolics LARKS
Unspoken TACIT
Unescorted ALONE
Edible mushroom MOREL
Tango or twist DANCE
Underwear choice BRIEFS
Cal. heading MON
Feedbag bit OAT
Gold-making study ALCHEMY
It’s over your head SKY
Surfer girl WAHINE
Well-founded VALID
Stone of films SHARON
Hawk’s love WAR
Beach in a 1964 song IPANEMA
Ignored a diet ATE
Convoy unit RIG
River of song SWANEE
Uneasy feeling ANGST
Helvetica look-alike ARIAL
Shire of "Rocky" TALIA
Washer cycle RINSE
Vote in ELECT
Gung-ho EAGER
Passes the bar? LIMBOS
Hooded jacket ANORAK
Uncommon item RARITY
Patella place KNEE
Wee bit TAD
In the style of ALA
Swindlers CONMEN
Revenue INCOME
Minute TEENY
Downhill courses SLALOMS
Some dishes CHINAWARE
Stashed away HID
Moving vehicle VAN
Kind of tap SPINAL
Negotiate a price HAGGLE
On the way out WANING
Relaxed ATEASE
Rural dancer REELER
Seething IRATE
La Scala solo ARIA
Attack command SIC
Skin art, for short TAT