Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers March 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Fishhook features BARBS
Do taxidermy STUFF
Separate APART
Moon-based LUNAR
Wish granter GENIE
Radiate EXUDE
Freshwater fish CARP
Got together MET
Brochures BOOKLETS
Artist Warhol ANDY
Like a bad night’s sleep FITFUL
Brown ermine STOAT
Racket NOISE
Sad state SORROW
"Pinocchio" goldfish CLEO
Bar patrons DRINKERS
Baby beagle PUP
Remain STAY
Suspect’s story ALIBI
Was bold DARED
Prelude INTRO
Seething IRATE
Synthetic fiber RAYON
Don Draper, for one ADMAN
Sack BAG
Gorilla, for example APE
Sprinted RAN
Indy Speedway nickname BRICKYARD
Real bargain STEAL
Didn’t get up early SLEPTIN
Groom’s wear TUX
"E Pluribus —" UNUM
Grow dim FADE
Worry FRET
Game official REF
Deep voice BASS
Not fooled by ONTO
Stench ODOR
Cattle site STOCKYARD
Dossier FILE
Manipulative sort USER
Some July babies LEOS
Twisting TORSION
Funny fellow WIT
Gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Twosome PAIR
Arm bone ULNA
Feel sorry for PITY
Sis’ sib BRO
Lamb’s father RAM
Greek vowel ETA
Cub’s cave DEN