Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers March 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Singer Barry GIBB
Bit of change COIN
Group of top players ATEAM
Carried BORNE
— Gras MARDI
Last letter OMEGA
Yale student ELI
Lock of hair RINGLET
— Paulo SAO
Dance’s de Mille AGNES
German article DER
Pretentious ARTSY
Acquire GET
First Hebrew letter ALEPH
Beans buy CAN
Up-and-coming actress STARLET
Verb for you ARE
"Tiny Alice" playwright ALBEE
German steel city ESSEN
Annoyed RILED
Mail in REMIT
Good pair ACES
Earth tones TANS
Arcade patron GAMER
Roma’s land ITALIA
Explorer Vitus BERING
Naughty BAD
Provide free of charge COMP
Threat words ORELSE
Engaged INGEAR
"Swell!" NEATO
"Beaches" star MIDLER
Wader, e.g. BOOT
Put in other words RESTATE
Pesky insect GNAT
Fabric worker DYER
Christian of "Mr. Robot" SLATER
Irish tongue GAELIC
Facilitate ENABLE
Blood component PLASMA
Below, in a contract HEREIN
Nurse Barton CLARA
Iditarod item SLED
Makeshift abodes TENTS
Pros’ charges FEES
Harden SET