Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers March 17th 2017

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Clue Solution
Makes do COPES
Congress coverer CSPAN
Isolated APART
Butler’s love OHARA
Copy for pasteup REPRO
Boxing ring border ROPES
French article UNE
Satisfied CONTENT
California’s Big — SUR
Youngster KID
Beam of light RAY
Milky stone OPAL
Water lily LOTUS
Descartes conclusion IAM
Sparkler GEM
Singer Adams BRYAN
Rudiments ABCS
Catchy music POP
"Dig in!" EAT
Mob pariah RAT
Door opener’s words ALLOWME
Apple taster EVE
Spartacus, for one SLAVE
"Dallas" mom ELLIE
Fork features TINES
Back biter MOLAR
Put to use EXERT
Flies high SOARS
Tenor great CARUSO
"Let me in!" OPENUP
Go wrong ERR
Market buy STOCK
Batter-dipped item CORNDOG
Opportunity SHOT
Drink decoration PAPERUMBRELLA
Game settings ARENAS
Mean-spirited NASTY
Masseur’s need OIL
Put down LAY
Pot brew TEA
"I’m No Angel" star MAEWEST
Saigon setting NAM
Fancy cracker topper CAVIAR
Takes the wheel STEERS
Art class staple PASTE
Swarms TEEMS
Finished OVER
Old card game LOO