Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers March 21st 2017

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Clue Solution
Nuisances PESTS
Museum piece RELIC
Misbehave ACTUP
Stay away from EVADE
Neither follower NOR
Word on a bill DUE
Used a chair SAT
Havana native CUBAN
Victorious ONTOP
Add up TOTAL
Sword fight DUEL
Wickedness VICE
Supply with funds ENDOW
Like Superman CAPED
Staggers REELS
Fitting APT
Saloon order ALE
Greek letter TAU
Seasonal song CAROL
Coach Rockne KNUTE
Like some winter weather SNOWY
Reveler of myth SATYR
Chessman PAWN
Cave sound ECHO
Recipe instruction STIR
Chiding sound TUT
Accelerated SPEDUP
Prepare leftovers REHEAT
Longoria of TV EVA
Track units LAPS
Inkling IDEA
Irishman, e.g. CELT
Young bear CUB
Exploding stars NOVAS
Exalted verse ODE
Convent resident NUN
Actor Danson TED
Waiter’s reward TIP
Deck topper ACE
Went ahead LED
Without conviction WEAKLY
Store workers CLERKS
Hobbit helper ELF
Basics ABCS
Scheme PLAN
Edible root TARO
Stretched tight TAUT
Pretentious ARTY
Manual reader USER
Pasture grazer COW
One — million INA