Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers May 20th 2017

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Clue Solution
Santa — ROSA
Somewhat ABIT
From the moon LUNAR
Spiked weapons MACES
Alaskan native ALEUT
Dancer Castle IRENE
Taking its toll? PEALING
June honoree DAD
Assn. SOC
Kind of wax SEALING
Pay to play ANTE
Calculator key ENTER
Give a hoot CARE
Destroyed UNDONE
Curative HEALING
Spot to jot PAD
Hill builder ANT
Vegas job DEALING
Peony part PETAL
Rancher’s rope RIATA
Soothing lotion SALVE
Hamper DETER
Vast expanses SEAS
Preparation times EVES
Decide, as a motion RULEON
Short play ONEACT
Writer Bellow SAUL
Craftsman ARTISAN
Friendly señorita AMIGA
Watering hole BAR
Stuck at the chalet, perhaps ICEDIN
Lease signer TENANT
Marshy grass SEDGE
Triton orbits it NEPTUNE
Cooking fat LARD
Stagger REEL
Fencing cry ENGARDE
Cowboy wear CHAPS
Virgil hero AENEAS
Crib toy RATTLE
Heroin, e.g. OPIATE
City on the Loire NANTES
Painter Degas EDGAR
Wastes time IDLES
Schreiber of "Spotlight" LIEV
Gardner of film AVA