Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
High-stepping aids STILTS
Herring’s kin SHAD
Dawn goddess AURORA
Start for vision or port TELE
Decelerated SLOWED
Final, e.g. EXAM
Pointers HINTS
Heat setting MIAMI
Vaulted area APSE
Lively dances TANGOS
Chilled COOL
Lyric poem ODE
Dapper guy DAN
"Orinoco Flow" singer ENYA
Last letters OMEGAS
Fling CAST
Art supporter EASEL
Zen enlightenment SATORI
Chilled desserts ICES
Early primates APEMEN
Scruff NAPE
Lebanon trees CEDARS
One of the Obama daughters SASHA
Colorful flower TULIP
Golf bag group IRONS
Simple, in a way LOWTECH
"— bien!" TRES
Blue SAD
Beer mug STEIN
Honeycomb shape HEXAGON
Extinction DEMISE
Kuala Lumpur native MALAY
Map dots TOWNS
Cager Shaquille ONEAL
Reggae’s birthplace JAMAICA
Easy dance ONESTEP
Took a pleasure excursion YACHTED
Gaggle group GEESE
Bakery output AROMA
More ticked off SORER
Minnesota team TWINS
Packing need TAPE
Bodily pouch SAC