Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
Slender SLIM
Jeweler’s unit CARAT
Give a hoot CARE
Handsome youth of myth ADONIS
High point APEX
Conundrum RIDDLE
Meet by chance RUNINTO
Antique OLD
Genus subdivision SPECIES
By way of VIA
Completely ALL
Easter lead-in LENT
Crumpet’s cousin SCONE
On-ramp sign MERGE
Makes mistakes ERRS
Jazz horn SAX
Massage RUB
Broadway show MUSICAL
Clock numeral VII
Ritzy home ESTATE
Foreboding sign OMEN
More profound DEEPER
Uncool fellow NERD
Attire DRESS
Drunkards SOTS
Surgery reminders SCARS
Accept eagerly LAPUP
Dancer Castle IRENE
Acapulco natives MEXICANS
Business combine CARTEL
Bye, in Baja ADIOS
Scepter ROD
Massachusetts town ANDOVER
Cultivating TILLING
Aswan’s river NILE
Dictionaries LEXICONS
Did restaurant work SERVED
Went to sea CRUISED
Satellite ORBITER
Physics amount MASS
Apartment workers SUPERS
Trumpet accessories MUTES
Unbilled role CAMEO
Watchful ALERT
Gives for a bit LENDS
Gorilla, for one APE