Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 14th 2017

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Clue Solution
Phone downloads APPS
Fragrant wood CEDAR
Stories TALES
Andean animal LLAMA
Ice cream flavor BLACKWALNUT
Capp and Capone ALS
Pitcher’s pride ARM
Follower’s suffix IST
Soup choice TOMATO
Grope FEEL
Baltimore pro RAVEN
Otherwise ELSE
Yard tool EDGER
Wound reminder SCAR
Disney elephant DUMBO
Pucker-inducing TART
Set right ORIENT
"Roses — red" ARE
Zodiac cat LEO
Had dinner ATE
Ice cream flavor BUTTERPECAN
Fire remnants ASHES
Take as one’s own ADOPT
Marsh croakers TOADS
Addition column ONES
Ready to hit ATBAT
Lack of color PALLOR
Blood component PLASMA
Brief time SEC
Chowder chunk CLAM
Building wing ELL
Craig who plays 007 DANIEL
Diverts AMUSES
Baby’s toy RATTLE
Enjoyed the rink SKATED
Turn away AVERT
Physicist Enrico FERMI
Moon of Jupiter EUROPA
Take a — (try) STABAT
Singer Enrico CARUSO
Singer Franklin ARETHA
Sailing signal BEACON
Recorded ONTAPE
Scout shelters TENTS
Reduced amount LESS
TV’s Danson TED
Tokyo’s old name EDO