Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 15th 2017

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Clue Solution
Flat floater RAFT
Torch holder SCONCE
Bassoon’s cousin OBOE
Designer Wang VERA
Made speeches ORATED
Moose’s cousin ELK
Young kangaroo JOEY
Praises LAUDS
Put in stitches SEW
Celeb roster ALIST
Sound system HIFI
Clock unit HOUR
Like draft beer ONTAP
Oversight LAPSE
"You betcha!" YES
Some messages EMAIL
Golfer Norman GREG
SandL offering IRA
Punctual ONTIME
Sky sightings UFOS
"Settle down!" COOLIT
Word on an octagon STOP
Rover’s rewards TREATS
Inquires ASKS
Wander ROVE
Early shepherd ABEL
Warehouse movers FORKLIFTS
Hot brew TEA
Got up STOOD
Loving touch CARESS
Sanction OKAY
Badminton need NET
Runner Sebastian COE
Conclusion END
Stick out JUT
Nepal setting ASIA
Pockets at the mall SHOPLIFTS
Flightless birds EMUS
Had on WORE
Sailor’s call AHOY
Script unit LINE
Spiced tea CHAI
Fall behind LAG
Comes together MEETS
River of Arizona GILA
Chess castle ROOK
Nile reptiles ASPS
Fall mo. OCT
Neither follower NOR
Sock part TOE
Mex. neighbor USA