Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 18th 2017

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Clue Solution
Giraffe features SPOTS
Zingers BARBS
Rock unit CARAT
Paragon IDEAL
Texas mission ALAMO
— Dame NOTRE
Insurance workers RATERS
Bar need ICE
Perfect serve ACE
Egypt’s leader until 2011 MUBARAK
Garden section BED
Less fresh STALER
Comes down in buckets POURS
Titan circles it SATURN
Snaky shape ESS
Lawmaking bodies SENATES
Singer Reed LOU
Harbor craft TUG
Bakery output AROMA
Chicago airport OHARE
Uncovered BARED
Stair part RISER
Emotional states MOODS
Sacred beetle SCARAB
Royal home PALACE
Held forth ORATED
Unexciting TAME
Leaves angrily STORMSOUT
Storage site BIN
Bustle ADO
Stop working RETIRE
Spot for commuter cocktails BARCAR
Glossy SLEEK
Surgery closers SUTURES
Perform aerial stunts BARNSTORM
Green and Gore ALS
School org. PTA
Painter Georges SEURAT
Sweater yarn ANGORA
City on the Rio Grande ELPASO
Turned bad SOURED
Building workers SUPERS
Rough guesses STABS
River from Pittsburgh OHIO
Fellows MEN
Throw in ADD