Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 6th 2017

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Clue Solution
Tread noisily CLOMP
Get up RISE
Debussy opus LAMER
Gather together AMASS
Mirror sight IMAGE
Tongue setting MOUTH
Fellow MAN
Salsa or guacamole DIP
Auto CAR
Fancy hotel room BRIDALSUITE
Ram’s mate EWE
Entreated PLED
Amber or myrrh RESIN
Deep chasm ABYSS
Preceding nights EVES
To’s counterpart FRO
Happy tinged with sadness BITTERSWEET
Put two and two together ADD
Compete VIE
Chopping tool AXE
Make fun of TEASE
Church areas NAVES
Come in ENTER
Wide awake ALERT
Printed matter TEXT
Survives LASTS
Ascend CLIMB
Truman’s Missouri hometown LAMAR
Muscat native OMANI
Ryan of "Top Gun" MEG
Highway exits RAMPS
"As I see it," online IMO
In a cheeky manner SAUCILY
Fancy homes ESTATES
Tatters SHREDS
— de la Cité ILE
Religious rationalist DEIST
Violin stroke UPBOW
Money-back offer REBATE
Plain to see EVIDENT
Preordained time SETDATE
Weapons cache ARSENAL
Cal. column FRI
Tennis legend Chris EVERT
Roof edges EAVES
Wield, as strength EXERT
Midterms, for example TESTS
Kinsey subject SEX
In the way of ALA