Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 8th 2017

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Clue Solution
Owed amounts DEBTS
Act the nomad ROAM
Poor sport’s cry IQUIT
Bad-tempered SURLY
Words to the bandleader HITIT
Hind’s mate HART
"Forget it!" NODICE
Actor Wallach ELI
Bit or wordplay PUN
Slippery one EEL
Held in custody DETAINED
Murder DOIN
Warty creature TOAD
Intricate DETAILED
Gift tag word FOR
Tired old horse NAG
Saloon BAR
Door-pounder’s cry OPENUP
Fill with cargo LADE
Stopwatch button RESET
Sharpened HONED
Attempts TRIES
Cake topper ICING
Beach stuff SAND
Window cover SHADE
Was a gossip DISHED
Was the same as EQUALED
Bean-filled treat BURRITO
Pinball mistake TILT
Messy room STY
Invasion RAID
Belly button type OUTIE
Ralph Kramden’s wife ALICE
Traveler’s stop MOTEL
Message-leaving series PHONETAG
Convent resident NUN
Pesto ingredients PINENUTS
Assist AID
"How — love thee?" DOI
Balkan nation ALBANIA
Cul-de-sac DEADEND
Keg need TAP
Drag the riverbed DREDGE
Cavalry posts FORTS
Met event OPERA
Varnish ingredient RESIN
Demand NEED
Ness, for one LOCH
That guy’s HIS