Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers November 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Addict’s program REHAB
Arafat’s Nobel Prize sharer RABIN
Piano piece ETUDE
Ooze forth EXUDE
Matt of movies DAMON
Intolerant sort BIGOT
Tangent thoughts ASIDES
Game piece MAN
Salon stuff GEL
Blubber SOB
Chefs’ protectors APRONS
Basilica part APSE
"Ben-Hur" highlight CHARIOTRACE
Paddy crop RICE
Alley howler TOMCAT
Exalted poem ODE
Beat walker COP
Hosp. parts ERS
Metal ring WASHER
Wheel minder SAJAK
"— of Two Cities" ATALE
Martini garnish OLIVE
Folded food TACOS
Dance units STEPS
Valentine color RED
H look-alike ETA
People everywhere HUMANRACE
Bustles ADOS
"Life Is Beautiful" star BENIGNI
Defy authority REBEL
Line of symmetry AXIS
Programming error BUG
Altar words IDO
Hoop attachment NET
Old autos DESOTOS
Computer shortcut MACRO
Plant pest APHID
Film prize OSCAR
Borscht base BEETS
Mined find ORE
Radius setting ARM
They go with tails TOPHATS
Sweet treats CAKES
Surfer’s ride WAVE
Coup d’— ETAT
Boar’s mate SOW
Copying ALA
Lively dance JIG
Cut off LOP
Twisty turn ESS