Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers October 10th 2017

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Clue Solution
Of the Vatican PAPAL
Unspoken TACIT
Writer Brookner ANITA
Fill with joy ELATE
Expert at cajoling SWEETTALKER
Used a couch SAT
That fellow HIM
Mess up ERR
Pencil parts ERASERS
Avril follower MAI
Mine rock ORE
Vampire attack BITE
Doesn’t raise CALLS
Ring figure BOXER
Yankees great, familiarly AROD
Dapper fellow DAN
Birdie beater PAR
Uses semaphore SIGNALS
Lincoln nickname ABE
Machinery part COG
Scoundrel RAT
Feud participant BITTERENEMY
Classical tongue LATIN
Of the kidneys RENAL
Make law ENACT
Long look STARE
Out of style PASSE
Egypt’s Sadat ANWAR
Sculpture in St. Peter’s PIETA
Feasted ATE
Prepares to shave LATHERS
League members TEAMS
Maximum amount ALL
Box for a baker CAKEMIX
Toto, for one TERRIER
Bike part TIRE
Auctioneer’s cry SOLD
Old German capital BONN
Speedy horse ARABIAN
Singer Lynn LORETTA
Market workers BAGGERS
Designer Christian DIOR
Bloodhound’s clue SCENT
Fight site ARENA
Truman’s hometown LAMAR
Peculiarity TIC
Court sight NET